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"It was the birth of agriculture—the moment we succumbed to the cult of the seed
that the poetry of the shaman was replaced by the prose of the priesthood

Because of course the shaman’s role, was, by definition, to seek the catalytic release of the individual’s wild genius, whereas the priest’s role was to actually inculcate the collective into a religious ideology that could serve the organized, sedentary community.

So this modern world that we’ve moved through in the last 10,000 years . . . is just one thread in the human tradition."

Wade Davis, Ethnobotanist, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence


Wild Genius Studio is for artists, healers, facilitators, raconteurs and the eccentric working with wild genius.

We make no pretensions about being a community or virtual village, but are steeped in a commitment to village-mindedness.

A Sneak Peek

A Literacy of Ritual Healing

Deep skills in welcoming, navigating life purpose, grief and praise, myth, and trickster wisdom.

The timeless medicine of conversation between humans, elements and the Other World.

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